The Motor City Machine Guns

Chris e Alex formam MCMG

Tipo:Tag team
Nomes:Chris Sabin e Alex Shelley
Murder City Machine Guns
Motor City Machine Guns
Membros:Chris Sabin
Alex Shelley
Alturas:Sabin (1,83 m)
Shelley (1,78 m)
Peso combinado:197 kg

The Motor City Machine Guns é uma tag team formada por Chris Sabin e Alex Shelley, que atualmente trabalha na Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. Na TNA já tiveram feuds com Team 3D e Johnny Devine.

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  • Finishing and signature maneuvers
    • ASCS Rush (Spinning sole kick por Sabin followed by a superkick from Shelley and then finished with a simultaneous jumping enzuigiri por Sabin / superkick por Shelley combination)
    • Click Click Boom (Powerbomb by Sabin / Double knee backbreaker by Shelley combo)
    • Double superkick to a seated or a kneeling opponent
    • Made in Detroit (Sitout powerbomb (Sabin) / Shiranui (Shelley) combination)
    • Aided dropkick
    • Bullet Point (Baseball slide (Shelley) followed by a Hesitation Dropkick (Sabin) to on an opponent held in the tree of woe position)
    • Air Raid (Sabin holds an opponent in a fireman's carry while Shelley hits a diving double foot stomp onto the prone opponent followed by Sabin hitting a fireman's carry takeover)
    • Doomsday dropkick
    • Double and stereo enzuigiris to one or two opponents respectively
    • pringboard dropkick by Sabin into a reverse STO by Shelley
    • Standing shiranui by Shelley after using Sabin's hands for elevation
    • Spinning leg sweep (Sabin) / Spinning wheel kick (Shelley) combination
    • Thunder Express (Inverted sitout side powerslam por Shelley into a running cutter por Sabin)
  • Signature gestures
    • Pointing to their right palm with their left hand, roughly corresponding to Detroit's location on a map of Michigan.
    • A combination of Shelley's "hand over head" and Sabin's finger gun gestures.


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